Jennifer Jordan
I feel you.
I see you.
I'm right there with you

My first real teachers in this world were horses. I was lucky enough to have been born into a horse family, for it was here, where I began to learn about being “in relationship”, cultivating connection, and honoring partnership.

Although horses have remained my passion, I did not pursue a career with them. I held teaching certifications, taught riding lessons, and participated in local horse shows.  I managed a 22 -horse riding program in California’s beautiful Sequoia Mountains, and left that to begin college life in Santa Cruz Ca in 1990.  Continuing to own, love, and care for horses has been a mainstay through my life’s journey. However, I have now discovered unicorns, and they are really cool too!

Once in Santa Cruz, I felt a strong calling toward supporting people in their health and wellness, both physically and mentally. The interest in spiritual growth and awakening came later.

I studied Kinesiology and Nutrition, and began my career in cardiac rehab in the early 90s. I developed and facilitated a stress management program for the local hospital. This is where I learned how to quickly develop rapport with people, as I was an early twenty-something, teaching seventy and eighty-year olds about the stressors of life!!  What the heck did I know anyway??!!!

My journey into women’s health began with inspiration from Dr Christiane Northrup. Her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom was a game changer for me. It was the first time that women’s health was presented  in a way that wasn’t pathological!  It troubled me how women and the wisdom in their bodies, were mis-understood and not honored, I wanted to make a difference.

I learned from her how to respect my body, it’s functions, and the wisdom to be found from looking within. I believe she set my foundation to approach childbirth as personal growth and strength, and not something that was “wrong” with me. It was the birth of my firstborn, Sarah, that catapulted me into the work of women’s health. I was inspired and awe struck by the entire experience, and the delicate, sincere way I was treated by my nurse. Within an hour of having my baby, I knew this was the work I wanted to do. Supporting women in their most vulnerable and powerful time.

I expanded my scope, studying herbs, flower remedies, hormone-supporting nutrition, exercise, and developing a “mind-set” for health and wellness. I began to see the basis of our spirituality as appreciating our true essence and honoring our bodies. Season this with the writings and teachings of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer in the late 90’s, and It was hard to hide from the importance of developing our spirituality, realizing our thoughts create our life, our connection to source is our foundation, and if we “believe it we will see it”. Ultimately realizing that “inner tug” we all feel, truly is OUR PURPOSE in this life, making attempts to whisper our personal truths in our ear, unrelenting, until one day we listen.

My further studies include the wisdom of Angels and Fairies, Theta and Reiki healing energy work, Ordained Life Minister, and a continuous cultivation of my relationship to Source/God/Universe, which expands on a daily basis.

What do I bring to you?

Empathy. Compassion. Experience.  Everywhere you will go in this retreat journey, I have been.  In fact, it’s highly probable that I may have been “there” just yesterday!   The beauty in this life we are embarked upon, is the space to be dynamic, ever-evolving, expanding, pushing ourselves into uncomfortable places, all for the sake of growing ourselves to improve the lives of others.  Denise Byron, a wonderful women’s life coach, once stated to me, “you only have to be one step ahead of those you guide and lead”, in order to facilitate big changes in their lives.  I’d like to walk with you down your path of self-discovery, hold your hand as you shift “up” into your passion, support you as you become fearless in the pursuit of what lights your soul on fire!

I feel you, I see you, I am right there with you……. I can’t wait to walk together toward your dreams!!!!!