Yvette McCue

Yvette will help you Awaken Your Awareness Within

For 27 years, I was a hairstylist.  I had worked to build my business in order to provide for my 3 beautiful children. In March of 2016, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and my whole world was turned upside down because my body was failing me. I had no idea what was in store for my future. I handed over my business that I worked for many years to build and in the snap of a finger, it was gone. I did not realize then, but The Universe had another path for me. 

For my treatment, I decided the harsh medications (Western Medicine) were not for me and so I chose to follow the holistic route instead. I always believed that our bodies were meant to heal naturally, but being advised otherwise made my decision very difficult. Although it wasn’t easy, I knew I had to listen to my gut. This meant making a complete lifestyle change. My diet was the first thing I changed, switching to all organic and fresh home cooking. You can imagine how difficult this was when I could barely get out of bed. My kids were my strength to keep going, and I reassured them this was temporary. I was bed ridden for about 8-9 months,  my body was riddled with inflammation and toxins. With a lot prayer, proper diet, acupuncture, and supplements, I started to turn a corner and really believed I was on the right track to recovery. The only problem was that my mind was ready, but my body wasn’t – I was like the tin man. I then did physical therapy for 6 months and she helped me learn to walk properly again, but ultimately had taken me as far as she could. I knew there had to be something that could help get my limbs moving again with out pain, something out there for people like me, but I just didn’t know what exactly. 

While searching on the internet, I stumbled across Qigong, something I had never heard of. After further research, I learned that Tai chi is a moving form of Qigong. At this point I felt like I had no other option and decided to give it a try. I could barely lift my arms and had minimal rage of motion. I couldn’t do most of the moves, but was told by the instructor to do what I could do and use my mind intent for what I couldn’t do and that eventually I would find that my body would allow me to do the movement. I thought why not…I have nothing to lose! Throughout the first year, I sat in a chair for most of the classes. 

After a few months of practicing Qigong, I was amazed by my body’s transformation.  I decided I needed to learn more about Chinese medicine-Qigong and I started to take the teacher training courses. I figured I would heal as I learn, win-win. The transformation within my body was ongoing, not only physically, but mentally. I could feel my body internally healing within. Less inflammation, less pain, more flexibility. My spirits were up, I had much more energy and my anxiety melted away. I was like an onion peeling away the layers one by one. My mental clarity was back and it was as if my life started to fall back into place. My kids were getting their Mom back. I knew I was on the right path for my own healing, but also realized as I saw myself healing that the results were too profound for me not to share Qigong with as many people possible. Qigong is the best medicine – the bonus is no harsh side effects. I learned by practicing Qigong that by doing certain breathing movements, sounds, and with mind intent, you can harmonize the vital energy within your own body. This was so powerful and life changing for me. I was able to turn my hope into a reality, enjoy life again, in fact, a much better quality of life and for the most part – a pain free life.

Three years later my healing journey is not over, but I believe this is exactly where I am meant to be. Now that I am stronger, my goal is to share with others the tools to help them recover from illness or a situation similar to mine, and to know it can and will get better.  More importantly, I am hoping to help others prevent illness before it sets in. What I am witnessing through practicing and teaching Qigong is that it doesn’t matter what each individual is going through, everyone’s experience is different. Once you learn to move your energy, awaken your awareness and release stagnation that you didn’t even know was there, by doing simple practices the clarity and healing will come. I am looking forward to giving you some tools to help you ground and empower yourselves. 

Why not live your best life?